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Gearing up for Halloween, and the stash has got to go! Watch this space for some lovelies to be posted soon, including:
  • Steampunk! Oh my goodness, do I have a beautiful new pattern that I can't wait to try out. Picture a long flowing coat, a smart bustier--and. . . .bloomers! (Because of course you have to show off your cute shoes.) I have enough fabric to potentially make four different outfits, with the following for the coat material:
    • Plum microsuede
    • Grey microsuede
    • Olive microsuede
    • Brown pleather (but a gorgeous pleather!)

  • A Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast. I have two different versions I'm working on--one more Broadway styled, the other closer to the movie version.

  • Regency dresses. A couple of casual day dresses, but also a couple of absolute stunners for your next ball.

  • A couple of flirty overdresses. Picture a Renaissance style bodice with a poofy loopy skirt. Perfect for ANYTHING--a pirate, a fairy, a wench--you name it, this is the most versatile costume piece you'll ever own.
Special requests on sizing for any of the above? Let me know. Right now I'm planning on offering them in pretty standard sizes (the 36-28-38 and 38-30-40 ranges) but if you are interested in one in a different size let me know ASAP!

And follow me on Twitter if you want to be the first to know when these are posted! (http://twitter.com/dintarmawen)