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I'm a sucker for a bargain, or for a piece of fabric that I know would be just perfect for re-creating a movie costume. The reality is that I'll never have time to sew it all--so here is my de-stash page. I only have one piece of these fabric selections--once they are gone, they are gone!

Yellow Watermark Upholstery: Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Jane from Tarzan

I envision Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Jane from Tarzan when I look at this! A gorgeous soft yellow light upholstery weight watermark fabric. Crisp and beautiful! I would guess I have close to 10 yards of this, but will measure it and take a photo soon (it's in two pieces). $30 for the lot--that's $3 per yard!

Grey Microfiber Fake Suede: Arwen's Chase Dress from Lord of the Rings

Arwen's chase dress from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was the project I had in mind for this deep grey microfiber fake suede. I must warn you, this is very static-y, but a little fabric softener may tame it. 60 inches wide, five yards.

Brown Snakeskin Print Cotton and Fake Leather: Aayla Secura from Star Wars

Am I really ever going to paint myself blue? Not likely. I have two yards of brown snakeskin print cotton for her top, and some beautiful faux leather for the contrast and her accessories. I need to still measure this before I add a purchase button.

Sheer Windowpane Check Fabric: Regency gowns

Jane Austen fans wanting to be Elizabeth Bennett or Emma Woodhouse: I found some gorgeous windowpane check sheer fabric. I think it was supposed to be for drapes, but can you imagine how beautiful it would be as an overlay on a Regency gown? I have six yards each of white and creme.